AKG Centre for Research and Studies

AKG Centre for Study and Research was established with the objective of conducting study and research on relevant contemporary topics. The centre is having a reference library which is having a huge collection of books and other literature. The library also maintains a big collection of dailies and periodicals for reference purpose.

Research students and other scholars regularly used to visit the AKG Centre library.

Two study congresses were organized under the banner of AKG Centre. The first congress was organized in 1994, led by Com EMS, with the broad objective to share the general views on the development of Kerala. The second international congress “ Kerala Development Agenda  2006 – 2016” was organized in 2005.Developmental alternatives in view of improvement of various sectors in Kerala were presented and deliberations and observations were discussed in detail. . Both the study congresses attracted  the attention of people from all walks of the society. The centre periodically organizes workshops and seminars on various relevant topics. “ Marxist Samvadam” is a quarterly research journal published by AKG centre which covers articles on various subjects.


AKG Centre for Study and Research

A.K.G Centre

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