BJP leads a planned attack to destroy Kerala’s secular fabric

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

It is becoming more and more evident through the recent developments in the states outside Kerala that it is impossible to lead a peaceful life like ours, in those states. Apart from attacking the dalits and marginalized sections, those who voice independent opinions are being killed as well. It is due to the powerful resistance of the left democratic forces that such problems are prevented in Kerala. Now, the BJP is aligning with communal organizations and trying to break this resistance at any cost.

BDJS is an organization created by the RSS for the same. Soon its members will become the members of RSS and even Vellappally Natesan will be seen wearing khakhi shorts. Sri Narayana Guru’s ideas of social reformation were taken forward by the communist forces. One cannot comprehend how they can relate to the RSS, who are against reservations for the backward communities including the Ezhavas. BDJS will not be able to win even in a single seat in Kerala. Their aim is to capture the votes of the LDF and give a victory to the UDF.

Even this time the BJP will not be able to open their account in Kerala. The BJP formed in 1980 has been saying since 1982 that they will open an account in the Kerala Legislative Assembly. Their current strategy is to take over Kerala using by imposing the Central Government’s rule in the state. If that happens, it will not be possible to live peacefully in Kerala. Therefore the people of Kerala will resist the BJP.

The UDF government will also be ousted in this election. It does not suffice to merely erect big hoardings saying that law and order is intact in the state. The people of Kerala have realized the differences between their claims and reality. When Soumya was attacked and murdered during the LDF government, the culprit was nabbed within 30 hours. However, even after 9 days of Jisha’s murder the police are searching in the dark. The UDF destroyed Kerala’s agricultural sector, more than doubled the price of essential articles even in Maveli stores and almost shut down the PDS (ration) shops. The LDF, if elected to power, will ensure the availability of essential articles for five years without increasing even a single rupee to its price. The previous LDF government had also done the same.