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Deshabhimani is a prestigious daily newspaper in Kerala, and the organ of the Kerala State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). It is one of the most prominent newspapers in Kerala. It is run and published by CPM of Kerala, the paper helping out to strengthen the roots of Party in Kerala, indisputably. It is published in six different editions, in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Trichur, Kannur and Kozikhode. It is an undeniable fact that the newspaper holds a special position in the households of Kerala. The publishing history started in early 1942s, where it got converted into a daily in 1946. At present, V. V. Dakshinamoorthi, secretariat member of the CPI(M), is the Chief Editor of the paper and P. Jayarajan the General Manager.
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Deshabhimani is considered to be a People's paper, as Marxist party themselves stood for the upliftment of the deprived. Communism is a socioeconomic structure that promotes the establishment of a classless, stateless society based on common ownership of the means of production. According to the National Readership Survey of 1995, Deshabhimani was the third largest newspaper in Kerala. The newspaper has always stood for the right and righteous, striving hard to voice against all the unethical upheavals, without fear or favour. It has always been a steady growth in popularity for Deshabhimani, making it an inevitable habit and a daily ritual for the malayalees before the morning bath.
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Chintha Weekly
Chintha weekly is being published since August 15, 1963, presenting the views of the left block evolved from the ideological struggles within the undivided communist party. After the formation of the CPI (M) in 1964 Chintha stands as the philosophical and ideological tongue of the party. Com. EMS used to interact with party cadres and common public on ideological and political matters through his special column in Chintha. Chintha used to publish articles analyzing matters related to national and international affairs, reviews on Marxist ideology, reply to anti party propaganda, parliamentary reviews, scientific thoughts, book reviews etc.
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