Violence unleashed in the BJP harthal is a challenge to the peaceful living of Keralites

In the garb of the harthal the BJP and RSS have unleashed violence on people, journalists, vehicles, shops, government offices and the police. Their attempt was to make a harthal rejected by the people successful through physical might. BJP’s harthal called to shield their killing of 5 CPI(M) activists since the government has assumed office has been ridiculed. The people have been able to see the true colours of the Sangh Parivar through this strike.


In Thodupuzha they attacked the labour office and picketed the police station in which the perpetrators of violence was arrested and held. Kerala Kaumudi photographer Arun was attacked and his camera was destroyed in front of the Secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram as he tried to caputre images of the protestors tearing up CPI(M) posters. Indian Express’ Kamal Nath and’s S. R. Jithin were also attacked. About a 100 cars were stopped, stoned and destroyed throughout the state.


CPI(M) activists were also attacked in several parts of the state. In Ottappalam 3 DYFI activists were hacked. Students of Victoria College, Palakkad were attacked inside the college. Local committee members were attacked in Chathannoor, Kollam. Party activists were hacked in Myladi, Kottayam as well. An ambulance carrying medicines was attacked in Cherthala. Throughout the state posters, flags and decorations of various mass organisation’s conferences were also vandalised. Azhikkodan’s memorial is Thrissur town was demolished. Bombs were thrown at shops in Thottada and Thalassery, Kannur. CPI office in Thalassery was attacked. Branch office in Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram was also attacked.


In some areas the RSS and their off shoots tried to flare up communal passions. Despite the use of heavy violence Kerala disowned BJP’s harthal. If they have any wisdom left in them, the rulers in the Centre should advise the Sangh Parivar in Kerala to give up violence and accept peaceful means. Kodiyeri exhorted the public to protest against the violence resorted to by the BJP and RSS using democratic means, without being instigated by it.