The state committee decided to organize strong protests against the anti people policies of the Modi government.

Statement Issued by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Kerala State Committee

CPI(M) state committee presided by Com. A. Vijayaraghavan met at the AKG Centre. Polit

Bureau members Prakash Karat, Pinarayi Vijayan, M. A. Baby and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan also

participated in the meeting. The state committee decided to organize strong protests against the

anti people policies of the Modi government.

The party central committee has called to organize protests on the issues of price rise and

unemployment which affect the vast majority of the people of India. Marches and Dharnas will be

conducted at select central government offices in 206 area centres of the state on July 12

Since Modi has come into power, the prices of essential commodities including food items have

sky rocketed. In the last 3 months the prices of vegetables have increased at an extraordinary rate.

Media reports suggest that the consumer food inflation is 7.55%, from May last year to May this

year. This is the highest rate in 21 months. The price of petroleum products have been increased 4

times in the last 6 weeks. The government is increasing its income by imposing a heavy burden on

the public.

2 crore job opportunities were promised by the BJP during the last election campaign in which

Modi was projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate. However, in the 8 industries where

employment opportunities are high, reported new jobs are the lowest in the last 6 years. A negative

growth has been noted with regard to employment opportunities. Every year 1.3 crore new

youngsters are coming into the job market.

Even at this juncture the Modi government seeks to sell government stake in public sector

companies and privatise them. The state committee has decided to generate strong protests against


TMC has unleashed widespread violence on the members of opposition parties since the

announcement of election results. Several CPI(M) activists have been murdered. Offices of

opposition parties have been attacked or set on fire. To protest against the violation of democracy

and the acute violence and to express solidarity with the comrades of West Bengal, August 1 to 7

will be observed as Bengal Solidarity Week. Central leaders of the party will participate in this