Com.Niranam Kunjan

Com.Niranam Kunjan was an agrarian, was hacked to death by a hat-trick during the liberation struggle of 1959.

Com. M. Rajesh

Com. Rajesh was stabbed to death by the musclemen of KDP, on October 31, 2001. He was returning home after making arrangements for the reception of SFI ‘jatha’ at Kodumon.

Com. M. S. Prasad

Com. Prasad was officiating as SFI district president and chairman of Catholicate College Union. He was a witness to the murder of Com. C. V. Jose. Com. Prasad was slain by Congress (I) goondas on the September 7, 1984, the Thiruvonam day.

Com. Niravel Somarajan

Com. Somarajan was a victim of the sporadic violence unleashed by Congress (I) goondas at Kumbalampoika. He was stabbed to death on April 14, 1990.

Com. Thundathil Kamalasanan

He was a victim of RSS violence. A party member and volunteer, Com. Kamalasanan was killed by RSS activists during the Assembly election in 1991.

Com. Anirudhan (Valliyani)

Com. Anirudhan was stabbed to death by congress (I) goondas while raising the flag mast during the 1976 general election.

Com. Reji Zacharia

A prominent activist of the Democratic Youth Federation of India, Com. Zacharia was fatally stabbed by RSS workers in 1984.

Com. Soman Kudamuruti

An active worker of the CPI (M), Com Soman was targeted by JSS workers. He was stabbed to death by JSS workers during the time of its formation on September24, 1994.

Com. Narayana Pillai and Com. Bhanu

Attained martyrdom in the police firing against party workers. Following the food scarcity in1973, the party had called for a Kerala bandh on August 2, 1973. Com. Narayana Pillai and Com. Bhanu were among those who violated the ban and took out a protest march. The police indiscriminately fired against the protestors and they became martyrs.

Com. Kunju Pillai

Com. Kunju Pillai was a leader of the Karshaka Thozhilali Union and was killed by Congress musclemen.

Com. C. V. Jose

Com. Jose was officiating as the arts club secretary of Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta. He was murdered by KSU activists on the college campus

Com. Kottoor Kunjukunju

He was the victim of the ire of the liberation struggle leaders in 1960. On his way to the polling booth to exercise franchise for the mid-term poll on February 1, 1960, the anti-social elements who gave leadership to the liberation struggle, stabbed him fatally.

Com. Jose Sebastian

Com. Jose Sebastian was a toddy worker. He was a victim of police excesses. The police framed false charges against Com. Sebastian and he was taken in to illegal custody. He was tortured to death at the Konni police station on November 12, 1984.