Com. K. C. Balakrishnan

Com. Balakrishnan was born at Varkkad ward in Puthupariyaram panchayat, on November 1, 1964. He became a member of the CPI (M) in 1984. He was hacked to death by RSS workers at the Putupariyaram Cooperative Bank where he was working.

Com. Gopalakrishnan and Com. Ravindran

Com. Gopalakrishnan was born as the son of Appukuttan and Thankamma at Kadukkamkunnu in Malankara panchayat in 1963. While returning after attending a marriage ceremony at his birth place along with his brother Com. Ravindran on October 29, 2007, RSS workers killed him in a covert attack. In that attack his brother Com Ravindran was also seriously injured. Com. Ravindran battled with life for 10 hours and succumbed to injuries on October 30.

Com. Sahadevan

He was killed by RSS workers at Nechipully in Puthupariyaram panchayat on January 20, 2005. Com. Sahadevan was the son of Chinnan and Madhavi.

Com. Arandapallam Aaru

Com. Aaru was shot to death by a feudal landowner on October 1, 1957. He was killed for treading through a land where an agitation was raging against eviction of tenants.

Com. Krishnanunni

An agrarian revolt had taken place in the paddy field of Manavalan Pillai at Nallepally panchayat for due wages on September 27, 1973. Com. Krishnanunni who had given leadership to the agitation was shot to death by Arandapallom Krishnan and three others who reached the spot from elsewhere.

Com. Suresh

Com. Suresh was a head load worker of Kanakkampara in Nallepilly. He was killed by the goondas of the Janata Dal while travelling in a bus. His wife and child are no more and his aged parents are still living in Kanakkampara.

Com. Sukumaran

He was a prominent farmer and activist of the Karshaka Sanghom at Kulakoundanchalla in Kozhinjampara. When he reached home in his motorbike on September 27, 2004, a group of RSS and BJP workers pounced on him and killed him on his courtyard. Com. Sukumaran is survived by his wife and son.

Com. Swaminathan

Congress musclemen stabbed Com. Swaminathan to death on March 18, 1987. He was a native of Chunangad at Ottapalam.

Com. Velan Ilayad

Com. Ilayad was stabbed to death by Congress goondas at Matthur Pallan Chathanoor in 1992.  

Com. Maniyan

A member of Kannampra local committee, Com. Maniyan was stabbed to death by RSS workers on February 11, 1986. He is survived by wife and two children. One of them is a local committee member of the CPI (M).

Com. K. V. Ravi

A native of Kunnamkode and member of the Kannampra local committee, Com. Ravi was chased, stabbed and pushed to the marsh by Congress men on June 22, 1993, while he was returning after the branch committee meeting. Comrade is survived by his mother, a brother and three sisters.

Com. Nagu

Com. Nagu was beaten to death by a group of wealthy men owing allegiance to the Congress on March 22, 1973, in connection with the plantation strike within the limits of the Wandad local committee.

Com Boban

He was killed by Congress criminals in connection with the panchayat election in the Mangalam Dam local committee limits on January 23, 1988. He was killed in front of the polling station. Com. Boban is survived by wife and daughter.

Com. Soman

RSS workers targeted Com. Soman while he was participating in a procession to celebrate the victory in the Mangalath Panchayat elections on September 28, 2005.

Com. M. K. Appukuttan

Com. Appukuttan was stabbed and hacked to death by Congressmen before the Moolamkode Congress office at Kizhakancherry on January 24, 1974.

Com. V. K. James

Congress goonda electrocuted Com. James on September 8, 1992. He was killed at Kizhakancherry at 2 p.m.

Com. V. V. Mathew

A wealthy Congressman hired a Naxalite and killed Com. Mathew on April 16,1986.

Com. Mohammadunni

Com. Mohammadunni was killed by RSS workers on December 27, 1981.

Com. P. Ayyappan Jangattiri

INTUC workers stabbed him to death while participating in a labour strike on June 20, 1987. Comrade is survived by wife Ambika, a son and a daughter.

Com. Ibrahim Mannaraparambu

Congress goondas killed him on March 13, 2005. Com. Inbrahim was a branch secretary of the CPI (M).

Com. Abdul Gafoor

IUML and NDF goondas targeted and killed Com. Gafoor on December 11, 2000. He was CPI (M) branch secretary and joint secretary of the DYFI.

Com. Haridas

He was a head load worker under Pottaserry local committee. Com. Haridas was hacked to death by RSS workers in broad daylight on April 14, 1993.

Com. Chandran

Com. Chandran was a panchayat committee member of KSKTU under Karakurissi local committee. Anti-social elements killed him on August 20, 1980.

Com. Kunju Veluthira

He was the victim of the violence unleashed by RSS-BJP workers in connection with the District Council elections on January 11, 1991. He was working under Kottopadam local committee.

Com. Biju

Com. Biju was killed on April 6, 2005 by anti-social elements within the limits of Thachampara local committee.

Com. Syedali Kutty

He was killed by the hired men of landowners, while trying to protect the land, owned by the backward Chelly community on May 4, 1970. Comrade is survived by wife Aminumma and two children.

Com. P. K. Rajan

Com. Rajan was the SFI unit secretary of Thripunithura Ayurveda College. He was killed by KSU goondas on February 24, 1978.

Com. P. Jayakrishnan

A district committee member of the CPI (M), Com. Jayakrishnan was killed while returning after organising a party general body meeting on March 7, 1994 by Congress men who followed him in a vehicle. He is survived by wife and two children.

Com. Panangattiri Chandran

On returning after a party general body meeting along with Com. Jayakrishnan on March 7, 1994, a group of Congress musclemen, hounded and killed him. He is survived by his wife.

Com. Velayudhan

Com. Velayudhan was one of the proud leaders of the SFI. He was a potential threat to the RSS and was perturbed by his leadership and organisational ability. The RSS goondas wreaked vengeance by making a bid on his life in the school itself. He battled with death for long before succumbing to the injury. His mother and father died recently.   

Com. Kuttichandran

He was area joint secretary of KSKTU. RSS men stabbed him to death in 1984 in connection with a dispute over reaping the produce. He is survived by wife and daughter.    
Com. Veezhli Chandran

This born fighter was virtually hounded to death by affluent local Congress leaders, Thadikulangara George and his brother Jacob who reared hounds to tackle their opponents. Com. Chandran had challenged their anti-labour stance and exploitation of the labourers. On his way to buy medicine for tooth ache on March 29, 1992, he was attacked by the hounds and they tore him to pieces. He is survived by mother Nani, wife Vijaya and two children.

Com. Puthenpadam Vijayan

RSS goondas attacked and killed Com. Vijayan who was a DYFI worker near his house on July 10, 2000.

Com. Sukumaran, Chellan Thamarapadom, Manikkan and Rajan

Died in police firing at Kotta Maidanam in Palakkad on December 1, 1969. A huge protest was organised demanding the Government to summon the Assembly and protect the democratic rights on the day. The police controlled by the UDF Government indiscriminately fired at the crowd and the four comrades lost their life. Com. Rajan''s parents are no more. He has no children.

Com Sivaraman

Com. Sivaraman was the victim of the brutality of the CPI workers. Comrade was killed on August 30, 1984. He is survived by his wife and a son.

Com. M. Rajan

On September 1, 1988, the opponents of the CPI(M) killed Com. Rajan in connection with a labour dispute. Their sole intention was to weaken the organisation.
Com. P. Rajan

Com. Rajan was killed by the political opponents of the party on October 12, 1991. He is survived by his mother.

Com. Sadanandan

A group of RSS and BJP workers stormed into his house at midnight on March 6, 1983, and hacked him to death. His parents are no more. Com. Sadanandan is survived by his wife and two children.

Com. Chandran Attapallom

RSS goondas took his life on September 28, 1987. He is survived by wife and four children.

Com. Narayanan Attapallom

Co. Narayanan too was killed by RSS men on September 28, 1987. He is survived by wife and two children.

Com. T. Bhaskaran

An employee of Victoria College, Palakkad, Com. Bhaskaran was killed by RSS workers on March 3, 1970.