TK Madhavan

Member of Panchayath member and member of the undivided party of the locality was Com.On 16th January 1955, the INTUC gangster stabbed him to death in connection with the labor strike.

Com.Neelimangalam Damodaran

Comrade, a party activist at Perumbayikkadu, was assassinated on February 2, 1960 by congress goons after the liberation struggle.

Com.Meenamadam Avarami

Com.Meenamadam Avarami was a CPIM worker and was killed by Congress goons on 16th July 1975.

Com.Philip John

Philip John was DYFI Vice President of Puthupally Block, on March 9 2012. He was killed by drug mafia.

Com. Edapally Viswambharan

Com. Viswambharan was branch member of the party. Kerala Congress goondas attacked and killed him on September 7, 1969, while leading the excess land agitation. They gave vent to their ire for trying to capture the excess land of Manjapally.

Com. Ajeesh Viswanathan

Com. Ajeesh was an SFI activist. ABVP workers attacked and killed him at CMS College, Kottayam, on August 9, 1992.

Com. Vava

The goondas of the feudal lords targeted this Comrade on December 26, 1971, while participating in the Neendoor agitation. He was a party local committee member.

Com. K. P. Remanan

Kerala Congress goondas killed this Comrade on June 13, 1988. He was branch secretary of the party.

Com. Joseph Varghese (Thekkekara Kunju)

Kerala Congress goondas killed him on March 20, 1968.

Com. M. Sabu

Congressmen killed this SFI activist on January 24, 1988 while the counting of votes for the panchayat elections was progressing. He was the victim of the fury of the Congressmen who lost the elections.

Com. Ali

Com. Ali was a KSKTU worker. Feudal lords and their henchmen killed him on December 26, 1971, in connection with the Neendoor agitation.

Com. Babu George

RSS goondas targeted and killed this DYFI unit secretary on May 12, 1988.

Com. Benny Mathew

Com. Benny Mathew was DYFI unit office-bearer. He was killed by goondas on December 25, 1986.

Com. Vadayar Thankappan

He was a trade union activist. Com. Thankappan was killed on November 23, 1971, by the Congressmen while the farm workers agitation at Vadayar was raging.

Com. Gopi

Com. Gopi was KSKTU worker. The feudal lords and their hired men killed him on December 26, 1971, in connection with the Neendoor agitation.