Com Ahzikodan Raghavan

Com. Ahzikodan was a proletariat by birth. He hails from a proletarian family at Thekkee Bazar in Kannur town. His father Kuruvan was a trade union activist and emerged as one of the prominent leaders of the left movement. He was one of the front-runners of the agitation against toddy shops in 1942. Com. Azhikodan was the Kannur town secretary of the party in 1946 and became the district secretary of the Communist Party of India on September 19, 1956. His life was dedicated for the liberation of the poor and the down-trodden. The Comrade was targeted and finished by the corrupt politicians on September 23, 1972.
Com. Abu Master (Komath Abdulla)

Com. Abu was born as the son of Mambally Mammu and Komath Kadees Umma at Pathiriyode Mambram Bazar in Thalassery taluk in 1919. He was killed in the mindless firing of the British police while participating in the protest meeting at the beach as per the directions of the party on September 15, 1940.

Com. Muliyil Chatthukutty

Com. Chathukutty was the third son of Puthiaparamban Kunhiraman and Muliyil Thala. He was born in Dharmadom village at Palayad desam in Thalassery taluk in 1940. He was one of the senior leaders of the beedi workers union. The Comrade and the beedi workers of the company were also instrumental in paving the foundation of the Communist movement in Kottayam taluk. At the age of 18, he attained martyrdom by becoming the target of the British police.

Com. N. Balan

Com. Balan was the son of Nadukandy Paithal and Chirutha. He was born at Oliyakara desam at Kottayam village in Thalassery taluk in 1928. The Comrade was dismissed from Navy for participating in the historic RIN agitation in 1946. After joining the Congress Socialist Party, he became a member of the Communist Party of India. He was killed in the Salem jail firing on February 11, 1950.

Com. Neelancherry Narayanan Nair

Com. Narayanan Nair was born at Manathana in Kottayam taluk, had cast a lasting impression in popularizing the slogan for democratic war in 1942. The Comrade who joined the Communist Party of India on quitting the Congress Socialist Party was keen on building the farmers movement. While living in hiding in Tamil Nadu, he was arrested and sent to Salem jail. He was killed in the police firing on February 11, 1950.

Com. Rairu Nambiar

Com. Rairu Nambiar was born into a farmers family at Karayalam as the son of Puthiya Veetil Krishnan Nambiar and Kokkura Kannoth Kalyani Amma in 1918. He was involved in the Morazha incident on September 15, 1940. The Comrade who was accused in various cases was arrested in 1950 and became a martyr.

Com. Manjeri Veettil Gopalan Nambiar

Com. Gopalan Nambiar was born at Perungoor in Mayyil panchayat in July 1922. His father Kannan Nambiar was a mahout. During the monsoon, the Comrade made a raft and roved to the MSP camp where he put up a board against imperialism and feudalism and escaped unhurt. Later, the police trapped him at Olakkad near Mayyil and attained martyrdom at Padikunnu.

Com. Kuttiyappa

Com Kuttiyappa was born into a poor family of toddy tappers. An ardent trade unionist, Com. Kuttiyapa was in the forefront of all agitations in the region. He went into hiding on becoming involved in various cases. On May 4, 1950, Com. Rairu Nambiar and Com. Kuttiyappa were taken out on a fake bail from jail and shot to death at Padikunnu.

Com. Kunjappu Master

Com. Kunjappu Mastewr was the son of Thaivalappil Raman and Kappanakkal Chemmarathy. The police and the public clashed at Mattannur on September 15, 1940. He had led the Muzhakunnu protest march to Mattannur. Party activists protested against the terrorist regime in North Malabar in 1948 under his leadership. He had also given leadership to the Korom paddy procurement. He was killed at Munayankunnu at the age of 33 on May 1, 1948.

Com. Kelu Nambiar

Com. Kelu Nambiar was the eldest son of P. Parvathy Amma and K. P. Krishnan Nair. He was active in the Karshaka Sanghom and the Communist Party. The Comrade was active in the agitation against hoarding and black marketing. After procuring paddy, the Comrade went to Munayankunnu with Kunjappu Master. This brave soldier of the agrarian movement was killed on May 1, 1948.

Com. Kannan Nambiar

Com. Kannan Nambiar was the son of Panayanthatta Lekshmi Amma. This comrade, who lived in East Elery, was an activist of the hill area group of the Karshaka Sanghom in Wayakara village. He was a member of the group of revolutionaries who met at Munayankunnu on May 1, 1948 and he attained martyrdom.

Com. Chinda Poduval

Born into a poor family at Kokkanissery, Com Poduval was in the forefront for building up the farmers movement and the Communist Party of India. The Comrade was active in the paddy procurement at Korom and Aalaparambu. He also gave leadership to the volunteer training at Farkka in Payyannur. Comrade Poduval was also a victim of the Munayankunnu firing.

Com. Kunnummal Kunhiraman

Com. Kunhiraman was born into a family of revolutionaries. The Comrade was the nephew of Kunnummal Raman who died of police harassment at Kannur Central jail. He taught the elderly at the night classes. This young teacher too attained martyrdom at Munayankunnu firing.

Com. Modathara Govindan Nambiar

This farmer was the son of K. P. Kelu Nair. Gradually he became active in Karshaka Sanghom. He was active in the Korom paddy procurement. This Comrade became a victim of the bullets of the MSP at the young age of 25.

Com. P. C. Ananthan

Com. Ananthan was the son of Cheleriyil Korottu Parvathy and Puliyangodan Changankulangara Kundan Nair. He was born in 1928 in Kannur.  On April 19, 1948, a group of Comrades including E. P. Krishnan Nair and E. Kunhiraman Nair were walking through Kambil Bazar ignoring the challenges of the local goons. The goons attacked them and many people were injured in the attack. Com. Ananthan was badly injured. On the assumption that the Comrade was dead, they covered his body in a mat and threw it into the Kambil River.     
Com. O. P. Ananthan Master

This Comrade was among the 22 Comrades who attained martyrdom at the police firing at Salem Jail on February 11, 1951. He was born at Cherukunnu as the son of Rayorathu Kuttiyattu Ananthan Nambiar and Othenmadathu Palakkil Devaki Amma. He was their third son. The police and the hired goons of the feudal lords captured him in connection with the Kavumbayi firing incident. He died in captivity.

Com. V. Narayanan Nambiar

Com. Nambiar was born at Motta in Pavannur. Thatankandi Kunjappa and Pallipravar Cheriya were his parents. He had gone for a board meeting in the third week of September 1946. Two days later his body was found in a well at Blathur.

Com. Punnakodan Kunhambu

Com. Kunhambu was shot dead on April 23, 1948. This comrade who was active in the national freedom movement, joined the Karshaka Sanghom and the Communist Party of India. While people were suffering in poverty during the post World War II period, the comrade who was born into a middle-class agrarian family, was in the forefront of organising the farmers.

Com. V. M. Krishnan

Com. Krishnan attained martyrdom on January 4, 1962. He hoisted the red flag bringing about a massive social and political change in the Panur area. He was killed by habitual local criminal gangs in the cover of darkness.

Com. Ashraf

This young Comrade was the first SFI activist to become the victim of the brutality of political rivals on the campus. He succumbed to death on March 5, 1972. After the impressive victory of SFI at Thalassery Brennan College in 1972, KSU activists stabbed him on the campus. He battled with death for few weeks and then died.

Com. O. K. Kunhikannan

Com. Kunhikannan was born in 1922. Kunicherry Kunhambu and Kunjathy Amma were his parents. IUML activists got an opportunity to target this Comrade on September 11, 1970. IUML workers attacked the jatha orgnised at Ettikulam in support to the jatha led by Com. A. V. Kunhambu. A march was organised to protest against the attack. This march too was targeted and Com. O. K. was also injured. He died at Kannur hospital on September 14.

Com. Kolangarethu Raghavan

Com. Kolangarethu Raghavan was born at Peralassery, the birth place of legendary AKG. He blossomed as a trade union and cultural activist. A group of Congress goons led by Mambaram Divakaran, attacked Panthakkapara Dinesh Beedi branch on Jnue 5, 1976, and killed him.

Com. Kunnumpron Gopalan

Com. Gopalan was one who showed extra-ordinary courage in protecting the party against the camps organised by the Congress (I) in Kannur and the violence unleashed by them in the district. He was a party member. Congress (I) goons pounced on him on July 11, 1977, at 4 p.m. His legs were hacked and immediately he died.

Com. Raju Master

Ettuveetil Raju Master was a teacher of Kannampally Lower Primary School in Panur. On October 26, 1978, while returning from school, RSS men hacked him to death. Raju Master was the East Chemmbad branch secretary and one of the prominent leaders of Panniyannur. He had also served as the village committee member of the Karshaka Sanghom, and as active member of the KPTU.

Com. Padmanabhan

RSS men hacked him to death at Chettimukku on April 1, 1981. He was a staunch party worker and CITU activist. He was also the working committee member of Municipal Workers Union. Comrade is survived by five children.

Com. Mehmood

Com. Mehmood was a head load worker of Thalassery bus stand. On April 2, 1981, RSS men stabbed him to death from behind while pulling a hand cart. Com. Mehmood was a native of Meethale in Dharmadom and has wife and four children.

Com. Thayyil Harindran

Com. Harindran was stabbed to death on getting agitated by the growing influence of the CPI (M) and the CITU among autorickshaw workers. He was secretary of New Mahe Autorickshaw Workers Union. He was killed by Hindu fundamentalists on May 26, 1986 midnight.

Com. Thadathil Balan

This Comrade was the victim of the RSS murder and bomb politics in Kannur. He was a native of Chembad in Panniyannur village. This hardcore CPI (M) activist was a motor workshop labourer. He was brutally killed by RSS men on April 6, 1979, while standing in a shop before the Beedi Company in Chembad.

Com. P. Balan

Com. Balan was killed by RSS men at Thokilangadi near Koothuparambu. Other party workers especially the RSS were agitated due to his leadership qualities. On April 13, 1979, he was killed by RSS criminals under the cover of darkness while travelling in an autorickshaw.

Com. P. Kunhikannan

Com. Kunhikannan was the son of Erinjoli Kunhambu Nair and Puthen Veetil Paru Amma. While returning after work from work from Dinesh Beedi branch by cycle on October 21, 1981, RSS men who were hiding near the second railway gate at Thiruvangad, waylaid and stabbed him to death. He was married and had four children.

Com. Poovadan Prakasan

Com. Prakasan was a staunch CPI (M) and DYFI activist. RSS workers stabbed him to death at Meloor on March 31 1979. Comrade was a native of Andaloor and was only 21 when he met with his end.

Com. Mottammel Balan

Com. Balan was killed by an anti-social element at Paratt near Panur on March 28, 1971. He was a staunch party worker and loyalist.

Com. K. V. Sukumaran

RSS men hacked this Comrade on April 6, 1980. He was employed in a bakery. The murderers called him out of the bakery and stabbed him. He tried to escape and dashed forward, but collapsed at the house of Chalakandi Madanan Master. He was born on May 20, 1960, as the son of Ariyayapoyyil Kunjiraman and Koyadan Veetil Pinchu.

Com. Kaviyur Rajan

Com. Rajan was the third son of Kannoth Kandi Ananthan and Devi. Com. Rajan was returning after attending a reception accorded to the LDF candidates who were elected to the Chokli panchayat in the local bodies elections held in 1980. The reception was held at Narayanam Paramil at Olivalom. On reachng the paddy field at Olivalaom, a group of RSS workers jumped over the Comrades and kicked and hacked them. He died on September 21, 1980.

Com. Parambath Jayarajan

Kattil Paramabath Jayarajan of Kuttimakoolil was a labourer. On his way to work on November 25, 1980, RSS workers stabbed him to death at Jubilee Road at Thalassery. He was a staunch party loyalist.

Com. Aali Radhakrishnan

Com. Radhakrishnan was only 28 years old when he attained martyrdom. This Comrade was the eldest son of C. K. Govindan of Eruvatti Kozhoor and Aali Janu. This CITU worker was an employ of Panthakkapara Dinesh Beedi branch. RSS men jumped on him at Eruvatti Vayal at 5 p.m. on March 12, 1979 and killed him.

Com. Parali Pavithran

Was born as the eldest son of Vazhayil Govindan and Parali Narayanan on November 10, 1955. After going for a fund collection drive for an indigent patient as part of the party activities, the comrade was having tea at a hotel on February 22, 1983. Indira Congress activists hacked and stabbed him to death at the hotel.

Com. U. P. Damu

Com. Damu attained martyrdom on April 24, 1979.  RSS workers had unleashed violence at various Beedi Companies at Thalassery on April 6. Com. Damu who sustained serious injuries died in hospital. He was the Chambad - Arayakkool branch secretary of the CPI (M). He had worked in the beedi division committee too.

Com. Cheruvancheri Chandran

Com. Chandran was born at Cheruvancheri village in Patyam panchayat as the son of Oonichathu of Poovathoor desam and Kurangad Mathu on May 11, 1963. Comrade was a  student and a CPI (M) activist. He was also Joint Secretary of DYFI Cheruvancheri village. RSS workers hacked him to death on November 27, 1980, while sitting in a hotel near NEW LPS at Cheruvancheri village.

Com. Kuttichi Ramesan

RSS men hacked him to death while having tea at a hotel at Pathayakunnu Bazar on April 1, 1980. He was a worker of Pathayakunnu Dinesh Beedi branch, DYFI South Patiyam unit secretary and party loyalist. Com. Ramesan was the son of Damodaran, a farm labourer and Nani. He was born on October 16, 1963.

Com. Kochamkandi Raghavan

Com. Raghavan was born in 1952 as the son of Kannan Nambiar of Keezhathoor. Comrade who started his life as a beedi worker was stabbed to death by RSS workers at the age of 32.  On returning after conducting a case on January 12, 1984, from Thalassery court, RSS men blocked the bus at Padinjattamuri near Mambram and killed him.

Com. Harish Babu

Com. Harish Babu was the mainstay of the family of goldsmiths at Choondaga Poyiliyil at Ponyam. This party loyalist was the brother of party worker N. P. Sasidharan. While returning after the day''s work, RSS men blocked the bus at Diamond Junction at Kathiroor and hacked him to death.

Com. U. K. Kunhiraman

This Comrade who became party member in 1954 was Mangattidam local committee member and village president of the Karshaka Sanghom. When communal clashes erupted at Thalassery and nearby areas in 1971, he had led the squads formed to protect members of the minority communities. On trying to contain the clashes as per the party directive, he was killed by RSS and Jana Sanghom workers.

Com. Kudiyanmala Sukumaran

Was a prominent party activist in Kudiyanmala and was Chathanmala unit convener of KSYF. Youth Congress workers stabbed him to death on August 2, 1973, while organising a bandh in protest against price hike. He is survived by wife and a son.

Com. C. P. Karunakaran

Congressmen stabbed him to death at Kuttoor while organising a bandh on September 11, 1967, in protest against the Central Government''s attempts to upset the seven-party front Government led by the CPI(M) in Kerala. He was firebrand worker of the party and the Left movement. He attained martyrdom while fighting for the workers rights.

Com. Karyath Ramesan

He was an active DYFI and party worker at Pachakara. IUML workers attacked him under the cover of darkness on the Thiruvonam day on September 12 1989, while returning home after an evening stroll.

Com. V. Suresh

Comrades V. Suresh and V. P. Pradeepan are two Comrades of C. H. Nagar, Pulliyode who were the victims of RSS violence. The two lost their lives while resisting the violence unleashed by communal elements against the CPI (M).

Com. V. P. Pradeepan

Comrades V. Suresh and Com. V. P. Pradeepan of Pulliyodu C. H. Nagar became martyrs in RSS attacks. These comrades put up a formidable resistance against the communalist and religious fanatic force, RSS. We recall their sacrifice in the backdrop of a nationwide people''s resistance against communal and fascist forces.

Com. Rijith

Comrade Rijith belonged to a poor proletarian family at Choonda in Kannapuram. He was a firebrand party worker who took up the family burden at a very young age and eked out a living as a construction worker. Other than the organisational activities, he was also active in arts, sports cultural and welfare activities. He was killed by RSS men.

Com. M. K. Surendran

Com. Surendran was CPI (M) east Kathiroor branch secretary. This proletarian leader was very popular among the people. While walking along with party Comrades at night, RSS criminals attacked him in the cover of darkness. He died at Kozhikode Medical College the next day.

Com. T. M. Rajeesh

RSS and BJP criminals hacked this motor workshop employee to pieces while he was engaged in work at the workshop at Kuyyal. Com. Rajeesh, a native of Kolassery, was a DYFI activist. He was only 20 years old when he attained martyrdom. A young boy at the age of 14 was used by the criminals to prepare the ground for the gruesome murder. This incident proved that the RSS was not reluctant even to use children for their criminal activities.

Com. P. Krishnan:

IUML activists killed this prominent CPI (M) and DYFI activist of Karakodi in Panniyur at Syed Nagar near Taliparambu. League leaders were upset over the way the members of the Muslim community joined the party. They were agitated at the growing strength of the CPI (M) in the area. They created disturbances in the area and killed Com. Krishnan.

Com. Thekkayil Johnny

Com. Johnny was a party worker of Kanichar and unit secretary of the Karshaka Sanghom. He attained martyrdom on November 23, 1981. This Comrade actively involved in the local issues at Chengom-Nellikunnu area. He was targeted by Kerala Congress (Mani) workers.

Com. Sundaran Master

A native of Kuttieri, he was a teacher of Government Higher Secondary School, Choondangapoyyil. Com. Sundaran Master was an active worker of KSTA and was involved in social and welfare activities too. He fell victim to the violence unleashed by RSS activists against the CPI (M) in Panur area.

Com. V. P. Manoj

He was not an active worker of the party. Still, the RSS-BJP criminals did not spare him. A native of Pathipalam, Com. Manoj held his political conviction close to his heart. He was hacked to death in broad daylight at 11 a.m. at Pathayakunnu on December 1, 1999.

Com. Krishnan Nair

This retired health inspector was hacked to death by RSS activists before his aged mother, wife and children. Com. Krishnan Nair, a native of Makkool Peedika in Mokeri panchayat, was sitting along with 75-year-old mother and family in his house when the RSS men rushed in and hacked him to death.

Com. Kanakaraj

Com. Kanakaraj was a CPI (M) worker of Elamkode in Panur. Com. Kanakaraj was doing business in Mysore. He had come to Kannur to fix his marriage. But RSS workers attacked him with bombs on December 2 and killed him.

Com. P. Sreejith, M. Vijesh

These two Comrades had put up stiff resistance against the growth of communal and fascist elements in Ayithara region. There organisational activities had enraged the communal forces. The RSS criminals killed both Comrades on the same day in nearby places in a short duration.

Com. Areekkal Asokan

Com. Asokan was CPI (M) Kutteri K. C. Junction branch member. He was very popular among the people in Kutteri and nearby areas. He was attacked while sleeping along with his grand children. The RSS men hacked him to death before his grand-children.

Com. Maman Vasu

Com. Maman Vasu was CPI (M) Chokli town branch member and Headload Workers Union (CITU) Chokli unit secretary. Com. Vasu was an amicable social activist and was very popular among the public. He was killed by RSS men on his way to his sister''s residence on December 12, 1995.

Com. K. C. Rajesh

Com. Rajesh was Kannur Polytechnic Union Chairman and SFI Edakkad area committee member. He lost his life while fighting for the commuting rights of the students. On December 17, 1993, following the complaint of his friends and Comrades, they blocked the bus of L. K. Travels and Com. Rajesh was holding talks with the bus workers to sort out the issue between them and the students. The bus driver, without notice, dashed ahead and Com. Rajesh sustained head injury. He died on the way to hospital.

Com. Thankachan

Following the defeat of the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections in 1977, Parliament sentenced former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for five days imprisonment for breach of privilege. Congress workers went on the rampage. On hearing the din, Com. Thankachan who was hotel employee stepped out into the street and Congress workers killed him. This 20-year-old Comrade was the sole bread-winner of his 11-member family.

Com. C. A. Jose

The hired goons of the Congress claimed his life at Chapparapadavil, on December 30, 1976, during the peak of emergency while returning after the ''Prabhatha Bheri'' held in connection with the Kavumbayi Martyrs Day observance of the party.

Com. K. V. Sudheesh:

Comrade K V Sudheesh attained martyrdom on January 26, 1994, for fighting to strengthen the cause of independence, democracy and socialism. While officiating as the State joint secretary of SFI, he was killed before his parents early in the morning at his residence at Thokkilangadi in Koothuparambu.

Com. K. Sajeevan

Com. Sajeevan was CPI (M) Koyode Kalasamithi branch member and DYFI unit president. He was killed by an RSS criminal. There were no disturbances and it was a peaceful area. The murder was the RSS ploy to upset peace in the CPI (M) stronghold to scare the people.

Com. Thazhayil Ashraf

RSS and BJP criminals killed Com. Ashraff on February 5, 2002, afternoon while he was sitting in his friend''s shop near Panur bus stand.

Com. Sugesh

He was CPI (M) Vadakkumbad Gumdi branch committee member and DYFI unit president. This Comrade was killed by members of a Muslim terrorist outfit on February 25, 1997. After calling on a patient in Thalassery General Hospital, Com. Sugesh was travelling in an auto rickshaw to participate in a festival. The terrorist elements followed the vehicle and killed him.

Com. Nalpady Vasu

Congress (I) criminals shot Com. Vasu to death using the so-called `jatha against Marxist violence'' as a cover. The jatha was headed by DCC president K. Sudhakaran. The jatha members armed with deadly weapons attacked the public on its way. Com. Vasu was sitting in a hotel. On seeing the jatha, Com. Vasu tried to escape and tried to hide behind the hotel. But the criminals followed and killed him. He was the son of Thacholi Kannan and Nalpady Thala.

Com. Oravakuzhi Kuriyakose

The goons of Kerala Congress (Mani) stabbed him to death while trying to build up the trade union movement and the party. He had played a commendable role in building up the feeder organisations of the party.

Com. T. V. Dasan

He was a CPI (M) activist of Paral in Kodiyeri. On August 28, 1999, RSS criminals hacked him to death at a lane at Achukulangara. This was the RSS-BJP conspiracy to prepare ground for a blood-bath before the Lok Sabha elections. This Comrade, who was a fish vendor, was the sole means of subsistence of the family. He was killed while selling fish.

Com. K. V. Balan

RSS criminals hurled a bomb on Com. Balan on April 6, 1979. Com. Balan was making beedi near Achukulangara beedi company when he was killed. This committed social worker was very popular among all sections of people.

Com. Rajeevan

Com. Puthussery Rajeevan was a prominent CPI (M) and DYFI worker of Naduvil in Mampallam. RSS men who were upset by the rising influence of the Communist movement in the region targeted and killed him.

Com. P. P. Ananthan and Com. M. Achuthan

These two Comrades sacrificed their lives in the fight against French imperialism. They attained martyrdom on April 27, 1954. The French who came for pepper trading in Mahe, made the 9.5 sq km area their colony. The Comrades fought for the liberation of the area and attained martyrdom.

Com. M. Vijayan

Com. Mouval Vijayan of Thillenkeri panchayat, who was popularly know as Vijutty was hacked to death by RSS men on an Assembly election day. The Comrade, who was the LDF polling agent in Booth No.93 of Thillenkeri Panchayat, was returning after polling when he was killed.

Com. K. Nanu

An employee of Savoury Hotel and an active worker of the CPI (M) in Kannur town was killed by Congress criminals by hurling a bomb on June 13, 1992. He was killed while serving meals to the customers.

Com. Jose and Com. Damodaran

These brave Comrades were the front-runners of the party at Avangattupara in Thiruvattoor area. These Comrades were killed on the same night when the nation went under the grip of Emergency. Their memories inspire thousands to march ahead with the movement.

Com. Mohammed Ismail

Com. M. H. Mohammed Ismail of Vilakode was killed by RSS men without any provocation. He was the Vilakode branch member of CPI (M).

Com. Kottathe Kunnil Yakoob

Com. Yakoob was headload worker and prominent CITU activist. He was the son of Aanikallu Valappil Moidutty and Saffia. On June 13, 2006, around 9.30 p.m., RSS men hurled bombs and created terror before murdering Com. Yakoob at Punnadu Kottathe Kunnil in Meethel. He is survived by wife Talima and three children. The Comrade was only 24 years old when he attained martyrdom.

Com. Murkoth Chandran

He was born into a poor family at Thoovakunnu in Panur. RSS criminals killed him on July 18, 1979, when he was 18 years old. This Comrade, who was killed without any provocation, was one of the prominent workers of the party.

Com. Parayi Pavithran

He was a party loyalist. This Comrade who was a native of Namathu Junction on Ponnyam Nayanar Road in Thalassery. He was attacked and killed by RSS criminals while going to buy milk on November 9, 2007 when the party had called for a hartal in protest against the murder of Com. M. K. Sudheer Kumar by RSS men the previous day.

Com. M. K. Sudheerkumar

RSS criminals brutally assassinated Thalassery, Kodakkulam, Moonnamkandi Veettil Sudheer on November 5, 2007. He was attacked by RSS men near Kavumbhagom-Pothayathodu temple close to Government Higher Secondary School. Com. Sudheer, son of Moonnamkandi Balan and K. C. Santha was 38 years old when attained martyrdom. He is survived by wife Preetha and daughters, Prayag and Prajina.

Com. M. Dhanesh

Com. M. Dhanesh of Valiyaparmbu at Azhikode near Meenkunnam was killed by RSS criminals around 10.15 p.m. on January 12, 2008. He was an employee of Bharat Petroleum in Kannur. A 10-member gang of RSS men jumped on him from the cover of darkness while returning from the company along with his friend. He was 26 years old when attained martyrdom.

Com. K. P. Jijesh

Com. Jijesh was Kodiyeri Nangarath Peedika branch member. The Sangh Parivar criminals killed him during the early morning on January 27, 2008, at Nangarath Peedika Ovupalam on the Thalassery-Chokli road while returning after attending the preparations for a marriage. The criminals scared away his friends and hacked him on his neck, head and legs.

The martyrs of Karivellur - 1946

Com. Thidil Kannan

Com. Keeneri Kunhambu

Com. Thengil Appa Nair

The martyrs of Kavumbayi – 1946

Com. Pulukkal Kunhiraman

Com. P. Kumaran

Com. Manjeri Govindan

Com. Aloramban Krishnan

The martyr of Ellirinji – 1947

Com. Paramban Kunhiraman

The martyrs of Korom - 1948

Com. Vembirinjan Pokkan

Com. Kanapravan Abdul Khader

The martyrs of Thillenkeri - 1948

Com. C. Ananthan

Com. C. Gopalan

Com. Karattu Kunhambu

Com. Nambadi Kunnumal Narayanan Nambiar

Com. Velluvakandi Raman

Com. Kundanjeri Govindan

Com. Porukandi Krishnan

The martyr of Nidumbram – 1948

Com. Moyyarathu Shankaran

The martyrs of Pazhassi - 1948

Com. V. Anandan

Com. K. K. Balakrishnan

Com. Athikka Unni Gurukkal

Com. Karathan Koran

Com. Vayalali Damu

The martyr of Payam - 1948

Com. Kunyadan Narayanan Nambiar

The martyrs of Peringom - 1948

Com. Marankavil Kunhambu

Com. Kanapally Ambu

The martyrs of Aalapadambu - 1948

Com. Mavila Chindan Nambiar

Com. Puthoorkaran Raman

The martyr of Muzhuppilangad - 1949

Com. K. P. Govindan

The martyrs of Salem (Thillenkeri) - 1950

Com. Ambadi Achari

Com. Koyilodan Narayanan Nambiar

Com. Pullanjiyodan Narayanan Nambiar

Com. Pullanjiyodan Govindan Nambiar

Com. Nakkayi Kannan

The martyrs of Salem - 1950

Com. Thaliyan Raman Nambiar

Com. M. K. Kunhiraman Nambiar

Com. Mailapravan Narayanan Nambiar

Com. Koran Gurukkal

Com. Njandadi Kunhambu

Com. U. V. Narayana Marar

Com. V. C. Kunhiraman

Com. Naduvalappil Koran

Com. Andalodan Kunjappa

Com. Pilattyaran Gopalan Nambiar

Com. Kunnumal Raman

Com. N. Padmanabhan

Com. Azad Gopalan Nair

The martyr of Kodiyeri - 1978

Com. P. V. Pavithran

The martyrs of Koothuparambu - 1994

The progressive youth movement in India were fighting against the commercialisation of education since 1980s. On 25th November, 1994 five party activists at Koothuparambu near Kannur were shot dead by police. Police recklessly opened fire on the youth when they tried to block M. V. Raghavan, a minister in the UDF Government. The firing was unprovoked and unjustified. The martyrdom of Koothuparambu comrades is the first of its kind in the history of struggles in modern Kerala. Raghavan was later arrested in the case after some years when a commission probing the incident found him responsible for the firing. The martyrs of Koothuparambu incident are

Com. K. V. Roshan

Com. K. K. Rajeevan

Com. Madhu

Com. K. Shibulal

Com. C. Babu

The martyr of Payyannur - 1997

Com. P. V. Surendran

The martyr of Poyiloor - 1998

Com. Kelloth Pavithran

The martyr of K. C. Mukku - 1999

Com. Kunhikannan

The martyr of Pookkode - 2000

Com. E. Jayaseelan

The martyr of Thalassery - 2008

Com. Renjith Kumar

The martyr of Puthoor - 2008

Com. Anish

The martyr of New Mahe - 2008

Com. U. K. Salim

The martyr of Kakkayangad - 2008

Com. Narothu Dileepan

The martyr of Pazhassi - 2008

Com. P. Sajeevan

The martyr of Thiruvangad - 2008

Com. K. Lathesh

The martyr of Mahe - 2009

Com. E. P. Ravindran