Election Manifesto

The Kerala State Committee of CPI(M) welcomes you to its website

Welcome to the official web site of Communist Party of India (Marxist), the leading political party to represent Marxist ethos in a capitalist country.

Committed to the Marxist ideology and dedicated to the service of the down trodden masses of the society we have evolved as the single credible political entity in India, representing  an anti imperial, anti feudal and anti monopolistic people’s democratic revolution.

CPI (M) is unique in its contributions to the historical evolution of independent India, with its staunch adherence to a policy determined by secular and democratic principles. CPI (M) entered Indian polity during the freedom struggle has ever since made its presence felt during all crucial moments in the nation’s  history.

Applying Marxism-Leninism to the objective realities of Indian society, this revolutionary party has represented the working class over the years in the struggle to mould a socialist society. Hundreds of martyrs inspire our working class movements constantly providing strength and determination to counter the neo imperialist, neo colonial forces. CPI (M) leads all anti communal movements in the country with ardent spirit to uphold a secular tradition. In the insecure background of growing Sangh Parivar atrocities we extend the shield of protection to religious minorities.

CPI(M) empathises with  anti imperialist struggles all over the globe. The party leads solidarity movements in Cuba and Vietnam and collaborates in voicing protest against the US invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan. The party is committed to extend solidarity to all proletarian, youth, women and students uprisings against the neo liberal policies. We uphold values ensuring social justice and promote agencies of action based on gender equality, decentralized planning and environmental preservation.

CPI (M) has emerged into an undeniable presence in political India being the ruling front in three states, including Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura and hundreds of local bodies. These governments are in a constant struggle to invoke alternative policies to counter the hegemonic manifestations of neo liberal policies within the capitalist structure of the country.

In 1957, when the first communist government came into being in Kerala through ballot, it marked the dawning of a new history for proletarian struggles. The directions for development delineated by this government evolved into what is called the Kerala Model of development. This government led by com.EMS becomes a role model for the dynamics of communist party led governments within capitalist national frameworks. Join us in our avenues to lead history to brighter horizons!!!