Com. K. N. Thankappan

Com. Thankappan, son of Kuzhikattumattathil Narayanan and Janaki was born in 1960. He was hacked to death on 22 April 1992 by RSS activists while coming back from court in connection with a case of RSS attack on Party branch Secretary.

Com. N. K. Joy

Com. N. K. Joy, son of late Kuriakose and Rebakka was born in 1960. While participating in a protest march against the dismissal of Nayanar ministry of 1981 he was shot dead by a police man at the behest of congressmen.

Com. K. S. Krishna Pillai

Com. Krishna Pillai, son of Kannan Karayil Sankara Pillai and Narayani was born in 1922. He was arrested and subjected torture in lock up while staying in underground after ban on the party. He died at Muvattupuzha taluk hospital in 1950.

Com. T. A. Nazeer

Son of Thottipparambil Aliyar and Raphiya, Com. Nazeer was born in the year 1963. He was hacked to death at Keerikodu, Thodupuzha by congress goons on 30 August 1989, Bharath bandh day.

Com. T. Ayyappa Das

Son of Thankappan and Kamalamma, Karuppu palam Com. Ayyappa Das was born in the year 1967. He was hacked to death at Vandiperiyar town by a team of goons headed by M. Babu, District Secretary of INTUC on 31 May 2003.

Com. C. K. Chellappan

Com. Chellappan, Mattathi Veetil was born in 1931. He was stabbed to death on 22 November 1968 by INTUC goons at the behest of estate owner in connection with a labor issue. Wife Rosa Chellappan.

Com. K. Kamaraj

Born in 1950, Com. Kamaraj was shot dead in 1979 by the goons of estate owner while participating in a struggle for protecting the rights of plantation labourers.

Com. Hassan Rawther

Born in 1913, Com. Hassan Rawther became a martyr in a police firing at the behest of Kannan Devan Company on a struggle of plantation labourers for bonus on 20 October 1958.

Com. A. Kasinathan

Com. A. Kasinathan, son of Arunachalam and Yamayanthi was born in 1969. He led a struggle against narcotics mafia while working as the President of DYFI Kottakombur unit and was shot dead by the mafia on 11 June 1994.

Com. K. K. Vinod

Com. Vinod, son of Karthikeyan and Valliyamma, Kochuparayil was born in 1969. He was stabbed to death on 16 May 2001 by congress activists following a UDF victory in 2001.

Com. Thankan (Rangaswamy Nadar)

Com. Thankan, son of Viswanathan Nadar and Chinnamma in the year 1947. He was hacked to death in a confrontation between striking labourers and the goons of estate owner on 12 August 1972.

Com.Samuel Nadarar

Com.Samuel Nadar was a trade union activist,and a employee in Elapprara Chemman tea .He was killed by the goons of estate owner.


Com.Pappammal was killed in the Police firing for Kannan Devan Company against the plantation Workers on 1958 October 20.

Com.Anish Raj

Com.Anish Raj was murdered by Congressmen on March 18, 2012.He was a party member and SFI district vice president. His father Rajan is the branch secretary of the party.