Com. A. G. Velayudhan

Com. Velayudhan participated in the Paliyam struggle. As per the orders of the royal family and the administrators, the then DySP Ummer arrested and tortured Com. Velayudhan. Though hospitalised, he succumbed to the injuries inflicted by the police torture.

Com. Mannathur Varughese

He was born at Mannathur near Koothattukulam. He was arrested by the police on being named as 13th accused in the Memmury case in 1948. The police haunted and arrested Com. Varughese who went into hiding. He was harassed at the Koothattukulam and Pala police stations. Inspite of the torture for 3 months, he refused to divulge the party secrets and died in the police lockup.

Com. Thirumaradi Krishnan

Com. Krishnan was born into the Mangad family. The police arrested Com. Krishnan for participating in the May Day rally in 1948 in violation of the ban orders. An impoverished tailor, he was sentenced for one year's rigorous imprisonment and housed at the Thiruvananthapuram Central prison. When the jail inmates decided to observe Punnapra Vayalar Day, under Com. Krishnan's leadership, the police tortured him to death.

Com. C. K. Damodaran

Com. Damodaran was the first Communist who attained martyrdom on taking part in the struggle against unemployment in the post-independence period. A native of Eroor near Thripunithura, he raised trenchant criticism in his speech against the ruler during the protest held at Azad Maidan in Eroor in 1949. The Kasaba police arrested and tortured Com. Damodran. He died at Ernakulam General Hospital on the 26th of the Malayalam month of Thulam in 1949.

Com. K. U. Das

Com. Das was born at Palyathuruthu House at Vavakadu near Vadakkekara. He was an accused in the Edappally case. After heinous harassment in custody police denied medical aid. He became a martyr on March 23, 1950.

Com. Pambakkuda Ayyappan

He was the son of Komathadathil Ityathi and Cherumma. Com. Ayyappan participated in the Vaikkom Jatha held to the Koothattukulam police station on July 1, 1949. He went into hiding after the ‘jatha’, but was taken into custody in 1950. He fell ill following the police harassment and died at the Muvattupuzha Government Hospital.

Com. Vittappa Naik

Com. Naik had been the front-runner of the progressive youth movement in Mattancherry. After joining the Kerala Socialist Youth Federation, the precursor of the Democratic Youth Federation of India, he dared to challenge the upper caste supremacy. Com. Naik was killed in an ambush of the RSS activists on November 12, 1976.

Com. Chandran, Ravi, Ashraf

These three KSYF activists died in a road mishap enroute to Alappuzha to take part in the rally organised on October 9, 1977. They died as the vehicle in which they were travelling collided with a lorry. All the three comrades were prominent activists of the KSYF in Aluva and Kodungallur.

Com. P. K. Rajan

KSU activists stabbed Com. Rajan to death in the classroom of Government Ayurveda College, Thripunithura on February 24, 1979. He was functioning as the unit secretary of SFI. The martyrdom of Com. Rajan, a native of Pattambi in Palakkad, is still a source of courage and inspiration for the student movement in Kerala.  
Com. Suresh

He was the victim of the cowardly and shameless attack of the Congress (I) and INTUC goons. During the local body elections in October, 1979, the Congress (I) men went on the rampage at Kochi. CPI (M) had organised a protest meeting against the violence at Karippalam, on October 18. Com. E. K. Nayanar was scheduled to address the meeting and Com. Suresh was on his way to attend the meeting. A group of criminals pounced on him from the cover of darkness and stabbed him. He succumbed to the injuries in hospital the same day.

Com. K. K. Krishnankutty

Com. Krishnankutty was a volunteer who strived hard for spreading the message of the party. The hardships in life never came in the way of his dedication. The anti-social elements in the Congress stabbed him fatally on November 1, 1980, out of sheer jealousy.

Com. Abdul Razak

Com. Razak was the martyr of the first all-India strike called by the party. He was born at Eloor North. While spreading the message of the national strike on January 19, 1982, Congress workers made a bid on his life and he became a martyr of the national strike called by the party.

Com. Sasi and Jayan

These comrades attained martyrdom on November 13, 1982, while the DYFI was observing the martyr's day to commemorate the death of Com. Vittappa Naik who was killed by Congressmen in Mattancherry. The comrades were targeted by the Congressmen while they were removing the festoons put up to mark the martyr's day observance.

Com. Paulson

Com. Paulson was the frontrunner of the DYFI in Mulavukadu area. He shot to fame within a very short span. Com. Paulson was killed by Congress goondas on May 9, 1986.

Com. Murali

When a group of RSS workers took the life of Com. Murali, he was officiating as the president of the Kodungalloor unit of DYFI. The RSS men vent their ire on Com. Murali on seeing the phenomenal growth of the party in the area.

Com. Mohanan, Basheer

The two comrades were shot to death by a mill owner Azheekath Xavier and his son on March 15, 1988, when a Bharath bandh was called against the anti-people policies of the Central Government. There was absolutely no provocation and they were engaged in garnering public support when they were killed.

Com. P. K. Chandrababu

Com. Chandrababu was killed by anti-social elements while he was returning after a village committee meeting of the DYFI. At the time of attaining martyrdom, Com. Chandrababu was an active worker and was officiating as DYFI Cherai village secretary, CPI(M) branch member and Cherai local committee office secretary.

Com. A. M. Kunjubava

He was one of the prominent activists of KSYF during its formative period. Com. Kunjubava attained martyrdom on April 25, 1990. He was the Payipra branch secretary of the CPI (M) and president of the Payipra Service Cooperative Bank.

Com. Dinesh Kumar

Com. Dinesh Kumar was born as the son of Vadakkedath Lekshmanan and Saraswathi at Kaipattur near Kalady. Com. Dinesh had to sacrifice his life for the firm positions he adopted on public issues. A group of anti-social elements stabbed him to death on December 1, 2001, near Kalady town at the age of 20.

Com. M. R. Vidyadharan 

He was abducted and killed by the hooch mafia while he was on his way to work on September 13, 2003. He had relentless fought against boot-legging and had to sacrifice his life for the cause. Com. Vidyadharan was South Paravur local committee member of the CPI (M) and area committee president of DYFI.

Com. C. R. Ratheesh

Com. C. R. Ratheesh, son of Thathampilli Anachal Kizhakkepram Nellippilliparambil Raveendran and Suseela, was killed in an attack by drug mafia on 12 January 2009. He died on 13 January 2009 morning.