Chadayan Govindan

Com. Chadayan Govindan

Com. Chadayan Govindan was born in 1931 in Narath Panchayat in Kannur. His father was Kunhappa and his mother was Kalyani. His family was very poor and his school education had to be stopped in the fifth class. He started working as a weaver from young age.

Govindan became a party cell member in 1948. He resisted the physical attacks of Congress goondas very boldy and this gave him the image of a fire brand worker. His house was attacked following a march he organised as part of the Malabar District Board elections in 1949. His weaving equipments were destroyed. He went to Karnataka and engaged in a manual work.

After the Padikkunnu shooting, Chadayan Govindan was arrested and tortured in the police camp for one week. News came out that he was dead and hearing this people assembled in front of the camp. Later police informed that he was alive.

He was arrested in 1965 as part of the nation wide assault on left wing leaders framing them as ‘Chinese Agents’. He has spent many years in the underground for party work.

Chadayan Govindan became Communist Party Irikkur Farka Committee Member in 1952 and became a fulltime party worker in 1962. In 1964, he was Kannur Taluk Committee Member and District Council member of CPI. Later he became a member of CPI (M) Kannur district committee. In 1977 he was elected as Kannur District Committee Secretariat member and State Committee Member in 1978. He became Kannur District Secretary in 1979 and a member of the State Secretariat in 1985. Later he became the state secretary of CPI (M) in Kerala.

He was a member of Narath Panchayat Board in 1954. He was elected to the Kerala Assembly from Azheekode Constituency in 1977.

Chadayan Govindan died on 9th September 1998.