Com. Unnappan

Com. Unnappan was a party loyalist, toddy tapper and DYFI worker. On his way to work on October 31, 1982, RSS workers waylaid and killed him.

Com. C. A. Kanaran

He was a prominent party leader and Cherthala taluk general secretary of Coir Workers Union (CITU). On August 28, 1989, while he was engaged in union activities, a group of RSS workers entered the union office and hacked him to death.

Com. C. G. Francis (Benny)

Attained martyrdom for trying to resist the attempts of BMS to establish its supremacy in workplaces. BMS men conspired and hacked him to death on March 16, 2004.

Com. K. V. Shaji

The Congressmen who took out a victory rally in the 1984 elections killed this comrade on December 28, 1984.

Com. K. Rajappan

A group of RSS and BMS activists, who tried to attack his house and kill his son, claimed his life on April 5, 2003.

Com. Rajesh Chandran

This comrade was killed during the harvesting season at Nehru Trophy ward in Alappuzha on April 5, 2006. While sleeping at home after the day's toil, a group of RSS and BJP goondas attacked him with swords and weapons at midnight and killed him.

Com. R. Balakrishnan

Com. Balakrishnan was a party local committee member and taluk joint secretary of KSYF. CPI goondas killed him on April 7, 1979.

Com. P. G. Sudheendran

Following the CPI-CPI (M) clashes in the 1970s, comrade Sudheendran was killed on June 20, 1978.

Com. K. V. Das

It was time when Youth Congressmen were unleashing violence with police protection. Com. Das had been organising KSYF activist and trying to strengthen the party. A group of Congressmen who were perturbed by the organisational ability of Com. Das, pounced on him from the Congress office near Malikamukku in the early morning on October 6, 1974, and stabbed him to death.

Com. Janaradhanan

Com. Janardhanan was killed in a police firing on the torch light procession on November 10, 1949, demanding the release of the party men who were imprisoned.

Com. P. N. Chandrasekhar

He was killed by goondas in the cover of darkness on March 22, 1982, for demanding wage hike in the farming sector.

Com. Vidyadharan and Com Somasekharan

Both the comrades resisted the illicit sale of Indian Made Foreign Liquor at Kunnankari toddy shop. The shop owner and his goondas beat them to death on September 12, 1988 and buried them in the muddy pool.

Com. Sreedharan

The goondas of feudal landowners beat and stabbed him to death on January 13, 1970 in connection with the agitation for tenancy rights.    

Com. P. Sasidharan

RSS men killed him under the cover of darkness on December 22, 1988.

Com. M. N. Vijayan Nair

Com. Vijayan Nair was killed by RSS men at his residence before his wife and children on April 17, 1989.

Com. Velukuttan

Com. Velukuttan was killed in an agrarian revolt by the hired men of feudal lords on February 25, 1974. 

Com. N. G. Thankappan

He was one of the victims of RSS brutality. A group of RSS men set his house ablaze on November 10, 1981 and while trying to escape, they hacked and beheaded the comrade. The marauders then picked up his head and placed it on a bridge almost a kilometer away from his residence.

Com. K. J. Joseph

Com. Joseph was hacked and shot to death while trying to settle a dispute and injustice meted out to a worker. A labourer, T. K. Vasu was the `advance labourer' of Chavara Sarangadharan - a lawyer. He was also a Congress worker and vice-president of Kaniakari panchayat. The lawyer denied employment to Vasu and also rejected his claims and benefits as an employee. When the local Congressmen refused to intervene, Vasu joined the CPI (M). While trying to evolve an amicable settlement to the issue along with other comrades on March 27, 1975, Com. Joseph was hacked and then shot to death.

Com. Sahadevan

He was shot to death by the police in the course of an agrarian revolt to protect the rights and wages of the farm labourers on January 26, 1970.

Com. M. R. Manoharan

CPI goondas stabbed him to death on January 11, 1976, while raising the flag to form the farm labourers association.

Com. Nanappan

A toddy shop contractor shot him to death on January 20, 1978, while fighting for the Toddy Workers Welfare Fund benefits.

Com. Gopi

On learning about the death of Com. Nanappan, Com. Gopi reached the spot on January 20, 1978 and he too was shot to death.

Com. Raju

Attained martyrdom on September 18, 1980, in RSS violence.

Com. Neelakantan and Com. Bhargavi

These two comrades were killed in police firing on July 27, 1970. An agitation for tenancy rights had been going on since January 1970. While the police tried to usurp the rights in the second phase, the comrades put up bold resistance and the police opened fire. The two became martyrs.

Com. Kuttiyamma

Congress activists took out a demonstration to celebrate the resignation of the EMS Ministry. On October 26, 1969, they stormed the residence of Com. Kuttiyamma and hacked her to death.

Com. Daniel

Com. Daniel had a difference of opinion with BJP worker Remanan on March 28, 1997. Later Remanan stabbed him to death while standing in the road the same day.

Com. S. Vasudevan Pillai

Youth Congress activists stabbed him to death at Kayamkulam town at 9.30 p.m. on January 1, 1974. The sole reason was the comrade's fight against the corruption in the municipality. He died on the spot.

Com. N. Thampi

Youth Congress activists stabbed him at 12 noon on April 11, 1994, in connection with the election to the Coir Cooperative Society No.107. He succumbed to injuries at Alappuzha Medical College.

Com. M. Achutha Kurup

He was a leader who protested against religious discrimination. The upper class had not permitted the backward communities to take bath in the Thruperuthura Temple pond. Com. Kurup as in the forefront of the agitation. While on his way to Mahatma Boys High School on June 1, 1983, RSS workers hacked and stabbed him to death.      

Com. V. Ajith

The hired musclemen of RSS and National Democratic Party (NDP) hacked him in front of his house out of political animosity. He died at Alappuzha Medical College on June 21, 1991.

Com. Biju

A group of RSS men pounced on Com Biju near Charumoodu junction on March 13, 1993 and killed him.

Com. K. K. Suresh Kumar

Took part in the agitation against power tariff hike on September 28, 2002. He was killed in the police assault following the march taken out to the KSEB office at Charumoodu.

Com. G. Bhuvaneswaran

SFI leader, Com. Bhuvaneswaran was pushed down to death by KSU and Democratic Students Union (DSU) activists during the student agitation on December 6, 1977. He was thrown to death from the Mathematics Department on the third floor of the college.

Com. K. Anandan

RSS workers hacked him to death before Edappon Power Station on November 30, 1986, while returning home after work.

Com. C. P. Pushpasenan Nair

Member of a middle-class agrarian family, Com. Nair had functioned as the branch secretary of the CPI (M) and Karshaka Sanghom panchayat president. He was killed by RSS men on October 27, 1983.

Com. E. K. Sivaraman

The goondas of feudal land lords shot him to death on January 20, 1970 while the agitation for fixing the working hours and wage hike in agriculture sector was raging.

Com. Chathan

This Comrade lost his life for defying the ban imposed by the Congress on casting vote in the general election on February 2, 1960. He voted for the Communist Party and later in the night, Congress goondas attacked his house and hacked him to death.

Com. Ravi and Com. Kunjukunju

They attained martyrdom on March 7, 1990, while resisting the police attack on those who were in the forefront of the fight for tenancy, employment and wages in the Seventies. When the police attacked the houses of those who took part in the agitation, they resisted and were killed in the police firing.