Protect Secular Base, Resist Communal Forces

  The centenary year of the great declaration of Sree Narayana Guru that “we have no caste” was celebrated from August 24 to 28 in approximately two thousand centres across Kerala. A variety of programmes were organised and people from all walks of life, including intellectuals, cultural activists, sportspersons and political leaders, took part in them. The programmes commenced on the birth anniversary of social reformer Chattambi Swamikal and culminated on the birth anniversary of another social reformer Mahatma Ayyankali



CPI(M) Welcomes You...

CPI(M) Welcomes You...Kerala has been recognised the world over for its stellar achievements in various spheres and levels like Mass Literacy, Development in Education and Health sectors, Kerala Model of Development etc. The people of Kerala also led the world by electing the first communist ministry in the globe through ballot in 1957. Communist party of India (Marxist), CPI (M), the largest and the strongest political organisation in Kerala welcomes you to its website.

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