What has Kerala gained in sixty years?

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared in Kerala that over the last 60 years the state has not been able to ensure sustainable development and social security for the marginalized of the society. However, this statement is entirely different from the reality and not based on facts. Kerala, which was described by Swami Vivekananda as an asylum is now being discussed around the world due to the contributions of the progressive left forces. As the Kerala model of development was discussed the world over, several experts came here to study the state



CPI(M) Welcomes You...

CPI(M) Welcomes You...Kerala has been recognised the world over for its stellar achievements in various spheres and levels like Mass Literacy, Development in Education and Health sectors, Kerala Model of Development etc. The people of Kerala also led the world by electing the first communist ministry in the globe through ballot in 1957. Communist party of India (Marxist), CPI (M), the largest and the strongest political organisation in Kerala welcomes you to its website.

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